About IAPI



The IAPI promotes a statewide association of licensed professional investigators sharing common goals.

We strive to improve the level of professionalism, ethical conduct and integrity while encouraging networking, cooperation and mutual assistance among our members.

We provide continuous training and education for our members, and open our doors to those with an interest in our profession.

The IAPI provides an organization that inspires leadership, promotes confidence to those utilizing investigators, and enhances the professional development of professional investigators.



History of IAPI

  • The first meeting was April 1995
  • The first Bi-Laws were October 1995
  • IAPI was Incorporated January 1996

The founding Charter Members of IAPI:

  • Don Campbell – Answers Investigations (Retired)
  • Thomas C. H. Derbique – Derbique Investigations (Deceased)
  • Dean E. Jessup – Civil Investigative Service
  • Chuck Keenan – Keenan and Associates (Deceased)
  • Virgil L. Vandagriff – Vandagriff & Associates, Inc.
  • C. Tim Wilcox – International Investigators Incorporated
  • Ron Hofer – Ron Hofer & Associates, Inc. (Deceased)
  • Ken Owens – (Deceased)
  • Edward A. Turner, Sr. – Turner Investigations (Deceased)
  • Georg F. Wright – (Deceased)