Accident Investigations

Accident Scene Investigators & Accident Reconstruction Specialists

To determine the causes, circumstances and results of an accident, contact a licensed investigator who specializes in accident investigations.

Accident scene investigators prepare crash reports by conducting in-depth interviews with the involved parties, examining the physical evidence, and examining the scene to determine what factors might have contributed to the accident. These methods allow accident scene investigators to determine what happened and if possible, the chronology.

Accident reconstruction specialists have completed over 200 hours of training that includes accident crash scene investigation, advanced traffic crash investigation, and traffic crash reconstruction.

Accident reconstructions can include scale diagram, speed calculation, timing estimates, skid testing, drag factor testing, crush depth testing, lamp examinations, tire evaluations, photography, energy studies, and momentum studies.

Reconstructions can be used for auto accidents, truck accidents, semi crashes, motorcycle accidents, car-pedestrian crashes, car-bicycle crashes, mechanical product failures, airplane accidents, or boat accidents.

Whether to collect claims or reduce your liability, you may have to prove you’re not at fault through negligence or other factors and an experienced accident investigator can develop the evidence needed.

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Carl D. Caldwell Investigations
Elwood, IN
Carl D. Caldwell
Email Carl Caldwell
Central Indiana

CSI Investigative Services
Indianapolis, IN
Chad T. Butts
Email Chad Butts
Central Indiana to statewide

Getz Investigations, Inc.
Valparaiso, IN
Roger Getz
Email Roger Getz
NW Indiana to statewide

Hurley Investigations
Indianapolis, IN
Christine L. Hurley
Email Christine Hurley
Indianapolis / Central IN

LAH Consulting, LLC
Portage, IN
Richard A. Douglas
Email Richard A. Douglas
IN, IL, Nationwide

Legwork Investigations
Zionsville, IN
Chris Ridding
Email Chris Ridding
IN – statewide

D. L. Myers & Associates, LLC
Greenwood, IN
David L. Myers
Email David L. Myers
IN to nationwide

Carl D. Caldwell Investigations

CSI Investigative Services

Getz Investigations

LAH Consulting, LLC

Hurley Investigations

Legwork Investigations

D. L. Myers & Associates, LLC

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