Computer Forensics

Computer-Based Activity Investigations

Experienced computer forensic examiners gather the evidence that can clear the innocent or help prosecute guilty parties.

After making a copy of a suspect’s desktop computer, laptop or tablet (including servers and clouds where materials may be stored), the professional licensed investigator will follow the user’s trail and try to recreate the computer-based activity. This method can highlight efforts the accused may have made to conceal offline and online activity.

When you suspect a computer-related issue, the best thing to do is to leave the computer alone and allow the computer forensic investigator determine the timeline of actions that occurred.

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All in Investigations, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
Brenda J. McGinley
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IN to nationwide
The Debugging Experts
Schaumburg, IL
Dean Gluth
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Jack Sandlin & Associates
Indianapolis, IN
Jack E. Sandlin
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IN – statewide
Third Eye Investigations
Batesville, IN
Thomas J. Grills
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Southeast Indiana
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All in Investigations, Inc.

The Debugging Experts

Jack Sandlin & Associates

Third Eye Investigations

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