Although Indiana does not require continuing education credits to maintain your investigator license, keeping current is a must for every professional.

IAPI has partnered with the following organizations to offer discounted training. Many of these courses are approved for continuing education credits for designations that you already have.

If you are not a member of IAPI, you may still enroll in the classes. However, these classes do not fulfill the requirements needed for an Indiana private investigator license. For details on attaining professional licensing, please visit the Indiana Professional Licensing website.

pi education

PI Education

Online access granted for period of six months for a wide variety of courses:

◊  Effective Communication
◊  Death Investigation
◊  Ethics
◊  Identity Theft
◊  Insurance Investigations
◊  Nursing Home Abuse
◊  Deception Detection
◊  Open Source Intelligence
◊  Surveillance Strategies
◊  And many more…


How to Avoid Social Media Investigations Lawsuits

Online Course Makes Sure You Comply With The New Legal Standards On Using Social Media And Other Online Digital Evidence…

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Continuing Education Resources for Investigators…

◊  Death Investigations
◊  Practical Methods for Legal Investigations
◊  Scene Investigations
◊  Motor Vehicle Investigations
◊  Basic Forensic Scene Photography
◊  And more…

Before ordering a course, please refer to the IAPI email for unique IAPI 25% discount code.


pi institute

PI Institute

Offering online classes in the comfort of your home since 1989:

◊  Special Marketing
◊  Making Your Vehicle Covert
◊  Differences in Databases
◊  Ethics & the PI
◊  Criminal & Civil Laws for PIs
◊  TSCM Bugsweeps
◊  18 Wheeler Investigations
◊  Surveillance Mistakes
◊  Interview Techniques
◊  Transitioning from Cop to PI



Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council

Get the training you need on your time and your schedule.

◊  CDI 101 DL

– Component Method of Criminal Defense         Investigation & Case Management

◊  CDI 202 DL

– Forensic Interviewing – FTER Method

Before ordering a Distance Learning course, please refer to the IAPI email with phone number for special discount.


Statement Analysis

Statement Analysis On-Demand Training

Learn the most accurate way of determining if a person is being truthful or deceptive.

This on-demand training will show you what to listen for in a verbal statement and what to look for in a written statement in order to detect deception.

This training is designed as a self-guided course so you can proceed at your own pace.

After completing the training, you can print a certificate of completion. 

investigation education consultants logo

Investigation Education Consultants

Courses for the investigative professional and the investigative curious:

◊  Foundations of Investigation
◊  Legal Investigations
◊  Criminal Investigations
◊  Background Investigations
◊  Fraud Investigations


RISC - Skip Tracer Certified

Skip-Tracer National Certification

Extensive Skip Tracing education for anyone needing to track down people that have gone off the radar.

This is a unique look at how to locate them using modern tools, effective communication skills, and the methodologies of breaking down the types of skips into categories.

The course includes:

◊  Understanding All Skip-Tracing
◊  Fundamentals of Skip-Tracing Tactics
◊  How to Communicate Properly
◊  What is Essential Information
        and Where to Find It
◊  Compiled vs. Real-Time Data
◊  Social Networking Techniques
◊  Understanding the Law and Regulations