How to Complete Your IAPI Membership Application

Simple steps to join IAPI

Click Membership Application and a fill-in PDF form appears on your computer screen.


To complete online:

  • After clicking the application button, use your keyboard and mouse to enter the information into the form.
  • Save the form, by hitting the “Save” icon (or right click “Save As”. If you don’t save, the form will be blank.
  • When you click “Save,” you’re on the “Save As” screen. It likely says: “Save in Documents.”


  • Click this arrow, and select “Desktop.” Click “Save” and your form is now saved on your desktop.



To email form: Send your completed form to or click this link: Join IAPI. Click “Add Attachment” then browse and select the questionnaire from your desktop. Click Send and you’ll hear from the IAPI membership chair promptly.



In addition to emailing, please mail a hard copy of your IAPI application form by following the steps below:


To print form:

If you’ve completed your form online (or if you want to fill it out by hand), all you have to do is click the “Print” button.

When you’re done, please scan and email your membership application to:

IAPI looks forward to receiving and reviewing your application. You’ll hear from the IAPI Membership Chair shortly.