Specialty Investigative Services

IAPI members have a variety of skills, education, and experience that allow them to specialize their talents to meet the needs and provide results for law firms, insurance companies, corporations, and individuals.

Below is a list of specializations of our members. Please click on the investigative specialty to find out more about the specialty and a list of IAPI members who offer these services.

IAPI members are listed by areas of specialization. However, members may offer additional services beyond what is listed.

If the investigative specialty you’re seeking is not listed above, the list of specialties below are related subcategories or alternate terms. Please click to read a description and review a list of IAPI members who specialize in the investigative specialty you need.

Our members have been screened and pledge to uphold our standard of ethics.
However, IAPI accepts no liability arising from the use of these services.