Specialty Investigative Services

IAPI members have a variety of skills, education, and experience that allow them to specialize their talents to meet the needs and provide results for law firms, insurance companies, corporations, and individuals.

Below is a list of specializations of our members. Please click on the investigative specialty to find out more about the specialty and a list of IAPI members who offer these services.

IAPI members are listed by areas of specialization (including subcategories and alternate terms below each specialty). However, members may offer additional services beyond what is listed.

Click a button below to read a description and review a list of IAPI members who specialize in the investigative specialty you need.

Accident Reconstruction
Accident Scene Investigations
Auto Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Semi Truck Accidents
Traffic Accident Investigations
Vehicle Homicide

Asset Checks (Physical, Financial, Real)
Asset Locates
Bank Account / Brokerage Searches
Brokerage Account Locate
Financial Information Locates

Baby Sitter Background Check
Background Checks
Employee Screening
Pre-Employment Screening
Tenant Screening

Civil Background
Civil Investigative Assistance
Civil Litigation

Business Investigations
Commercial Investigations
Due Diligence / Acquisitions
Employee Integrity
Employee Misconduct
FMLA Fraud Investigations
Internal Investigations

Criminal Background
Criminal Defense
Criminal History Investigations

Child Custody Investigations
Custodial Litigation
Divorce Investigations
Fidelity Investigations
Infidelity Investigations
Spousal Infidelity

Hidden Camera Detection

Financial Fraud Investigations
General Fraud Investigations

Insurance Claims Investigations
Insurance Fraud Investigations

Litigation Prep
Trial Prep

Medical Malpractice
Nursing Home Abuse
Personal Injury
Product Liability
Wrongful Death Investigations

General Locates
Locate Individuals
Locates for Legal Proceedings
People Searches

Lie Detector Test

Service of Court Papers
Service of Process

BMV Records
Civil Court Research
Criminal Court Research

FMLA Surveillance
Injury Surveillance
Workers’ Comp Surveillance

Legal Interviews
Statements and Canvass
Witness Inverviews / Evaluations
Witness Locate and Interview

Workman’s Comp Investigations

Our members have been screened and pledge to uphold our standard of ethics.
However, IAPI accepts no liability arising from the use of these services.